for the experience of a lifetime

Discover Galápagos MY WAY 

By living it YOUR WAY

Whether you’re a photographer, an educator, a writer, a naturalist, an artist, 

a poet or a dreamer…

With me, you’ll:

    • see more

    • do more

    • live more

    • learn more

    • appreciate more


    • stay longer    

    • walk slower

    • breathe deeper

    • explore further

and you’ll:

• see things you 

    didn’t know exist

• do things you never 

    thought you would


pick the right tour for your taste

How would you rather have your experience?

Like this?…… or …… more like this?

The Galápagos National Park mandates one guide per group of maximum 16 visitors, always adhering to narrow footpaths. Many tour vessels operate this way, offering luxury and relaxation, with perhaps more emphasis on oversize staterooms, well-stocked bars, spacious lounges, etc, but the wildlife experience can be marred by too little time and too many other eager beavers in front of you.

If you are more like me, you’ll want one-on-one encounters, you’ll want to watch and listen, and take your time framing the perfect shot. I’m here to make this happen. I can design for you an experience that will be unique, where you’ll have time to reflect, to learn, as well as time and advice to improve your photography craft — it’s up to you.

Pick what suits you best 


for discerning travellers


Option 1.

I lead select 11 and 15 day photography tours for Galapagos Travel, designed at a reasonable price to take you to all the key places right through the archipelago for superb photo opportunities, on land as well as on and in the sea. Every day, we land early and return late, so as to see the wildlife at its best.

Option 3. 

Upon request, I can arrange tailor-made programs for special groups or individuals, matching boat style, itinerary, group size, and guide-to-photographer ratio as desired.

Option 2. 

Smaller groups (e.g. friends or extended families of 8-12 people), with two guides to provide maximum freedom, flexibility and enjoyment. 

Details, dates and prices will be announced soon…

Let the wildlife come to you


Option 4. 

You don’t need to be a photographer, nor be photo-obsessed, to enjoy one of my Galapagos Travel trips to the fullest, on land or while snorkelling. Reasonably priced, we offer time and space for many forms of enjoyment, from contemplative to active, artistic to educational, and especially ample time to enjoy. 

Option 5. 

Small, exclusive groups, with two guides to offer more freedom and flexibility, and the option to split up for maximum enjoyment according to individual interests. Daily walks, plus snorkelling, kayaking, and of course, photography are all part of the smorgasbord of possibilities for you to experience the best of the best that Galápagos can offer.

Details, dates and prices will be announced soon…


Option 7. 

The undersea wonders of Galápagos are second to none, thanks to the phenomenally rich encounters of deep-sea currents. This makes diving here as magic as it is unpredictable — and for those in the know, truly addictive! I can help you plan and design the best trip to maximise your expectations.

A word of caution

Due to strong currents and high nutrient productivity, Galápagos diving conditions are highly variable and challenging, therefore not recommended for the inexperienced or faint of heart!

More tour details

    coming soon…!


A completely personalised service


Option 8.

A high-end, 

totally personalised experience for very small groups wishing to experience the best of Galápagos on their own terms, with no strings attached (but of course respecting National Park rules). Let me know your wishes and I’ll seek the answers. Snorkelling, diving, painting, birdwatching, kayaking, photography, walking, meditation… 

all are possible.

let yourself 

dream a little 


background facts to help you choose

Ask the right questions to suit your style

Primary advice: 

No permit is needed to visit Galapagos privately, but travel options vary widely. 

You need to ask yourself what matters to you most: Leisure, Photography, Sports, Learning or Luxury.  While many advertise all these choices wrapped together, there’s always a bias towards one option at the expense of the others.

>>>>> versus >>>>>



Here today, gone tomorrow:

Some folks spend a couple of days in a nice local hotel or a home bed-and-breakfast, which is very pleasant and relaxing, with lots of restaurants, souvenir shops, etc, to choose from around town.  They see a few of the iconic animals at the main dock or neighbouring farms, and then  they leave. They’ve been heard to say, “Galápagos really is way over-rated!” Of course, that’s because they never truly experienced the islands’ wild magic, spending their time too close to civilisation. 

Experiences of a lifetime:

For those travellers who ask all the right questions, learn about how the seasons work on the equator, and find out what can be seen where and when, the rewards can be life-changing, especially if you pick one of the rare two-week cruises. Many people are astonished to discover that each island is very different, some old and covered in vegetation, others barely cooled volcanoes. Wildlife thrives on all of them, but it too is quite different between islands, so the longer you stay and the more places you visit, the more you’ll see and experience.  



   • hotel stays

   • day tours

   • island-hopping (towns)

   • scuba diving

   • snorkelling


   • large, luxury ships

   • small, intimate boats

   • organised small groups

   • private charters

   • scuba diving trips

   • snorkelling


   • hiking, biking, kayaking



not all tours are made equal; ensure you pick what will match your style and expectations!

Daily tours:

Many people (about a third of all visitors) stay in comfortable hotels or lodges, with pleasant atmospheres, swimming pools and lots of choices for dining, etc, around town. From there they take daily tours, or scuba diving outings, to nearby islands and bays. But while this may be very appealing, especially for those who don’t trust their sea legs, it actually means they spend more time travelling in buses and small boats than wildlife-watching, and their landings are mostly towards the middle of the day, when animals are least active and the heat can be crushing.  Scuba diving and snorkelling is also offered as day tours.

Full program:

To get the most out of each day, my trip activities start at daybreak, and most days end with a short, optional after-dinner slideshow on one of the many aspects of natural history, etc, of the islands. Siesta time provides relief from otherwise busy days. I only offer trips long enough to see most of the islands (see itinerary note below).

National Park Regulations:

Visitors must stay together at all times as a group, with a local guide, the maximum (standard) number being 16 people to a guide, but of course groups
can be smaller if more
guides are provided.

Discreetly marked footpaths lead you to the best viewing
spots, and must be adhered
to at all times, except in
some beach areas.

The Park is closed from
6pm to 6am, except at
designated  campsites.

There are over 100 designated visitors sites located
throughout the islands.

Fixed Itinerary:

Unless under special permission (e.g. film production) every tour vessel operates according to a National Park-designated itinerary. This runs on a two-weekly rotor, but most operators offer trips of one week or less, which makes it impossible to see all the highlights the islands offer in a single trip. Yet if you take two back-to-back cruises you’ll see most of the islands, but will make repeat visits to inhabited ports.

Island hopping:

This refers to short speedboat trips between the four main inhabited islands, with hotel-based activities at each, including options for day tours, snorkelling, hiking, etc.


There are only a few places where hikes of several miles are permitted, and camping is limited to a small handful of designated sites, which are not the best for seeing wildlife. Bicycling, kayaking, paddle-boarding and surfing are available at the three main inhabited islands.

Water acitivities:

Kayaking and paddle-boarding are offered by some (but not all) live-aboard tours.  Snorkelling is available on all trips and is an integral part of seeing Galapagos at its best.  Only certain vessels are licensed for scuba diving, and do not visit the same sites as the land tours that include snorkelling.

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